Wednesday, 17 August 2011


quick mavis look at the screen pandemonium in london they are kicking the shit out of everything. look at em mavis they are disgusting and i bet they dont even have jobs do they bloody typical that all day we spend working trying to provide for ourselves and these lot sponge off our taxes and this is how they repay us. its the blacks that start it of course. enoch powell was right we should never have let em in cos of course our shit didnt stink back then before that lot arrived in their boatloads like cattle coming here to do a job. they shouldve fucked off or we shouldve made em fuck off before it got to this...

Yes Mavis, look at the screen and tell me what you see.
Hooligans trying to score a new Mackensie hoodie for free,
While battering the shit out of JD, improvised baton in hand
As others run, flash mob militia, headfirst into a wave of shields.

What was it all about Mavis? What are they saying Mavis?
How can they be talking about urban decay when they're the ones
Lobbing bricks into shopkeepers' windows, and all for a laugh
Cos there's nothing better to do.

Where are the leaders of our community now Mavis?
The ones you look up to?
I suppose it's not as if they can say anything after
Smashing up restaurants for fun - didn't you know that?
It's amazing how one man's fun and games is another's social depravity.

I see you flipped the channel Mavis.
Something more agreeable and palatable for the stomach eh?
Not in my book.

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