Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Little Lion Girl.

This is for a very inspirational young lady. I felt compelled to put together a little something and some of the rhymes just popped into my head - so I had to get the job done. It's so cool, how she changes the world the way she does.

Little Lion Man is a very good song

But for this person that one just doesn’t quite belong

I don’t want to be so cheesy that it makes your toes curl

But I have to tell you all about the Little Lion Girl.

She has young eyes that look as though they’ve seen through the ages

She knows how to rock a show, it doesn’t matter where the stage is

Whether singing or speaking she never sounds like a rookie

We affectionately call her our Oreo cookie

On account of the brown that surrounds her pure whiteness

Not Caucasian, I’m talking about another plane of brightness

She cares about us all, she never fails to inspire

She is also so determined and she continues to aspire

I guess she’s up and coming just like Ed Sheeran

And there is no-one that Little Lion Girl is fearing

I can’t wait til her songs are what we’re all hearing

Without a doubt she’s the one we’ll be cheering

I got lazy just then so I’m sorry for that last verse

I’ll wrap it up on this one, just in case it gets worse

Double L to the G, huge love and respect in your direction

Let's get in the studio and make a collabo connection! :P

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